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I wasn’t always the one who did their best in examinations. When i felt the feeling of success from actually passing my examination, i wanted more than just to pass. I wanted highest.

Vertices: 10, 584

Faces: 9, 696

Dimensions: 1080 x 1920

Focal Length: 50mm

Render Time: 13 mins

Filmic log encoding base was used.

Picture of the autumn leaf was taken from the internet.

Blender Version: 2.80


The pieces used were to show irony of how one of the weaker chess pieces can be vital to ending a game.

Vertices: 24,748

Faces: 24,714

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

Focal Length: 50mm

Render Time: 9 mins

Filmic log encoding base was used

Blender Version 2.80

All models in the picture have been made by me.

HDR was taken from (Formerly known as


Another Blender Guru tutorial completed.

This is another Blender Guru tutorial end result. Although the picture seems a little off to me, it still is a solid render.


Pokemon Ball
The Pokemon series is 20 years old as of 2018. With the first-of-its-kind game Pokemon GO hitting the top trending apps in the app stores, it has definitely promoted the series of Pokemon. The clever idea of using GPS, Pokemon GO both encourages users to get out of their homes to play and promotes the Pokemon Series.




Render Time:

Filmic Log Encoding Base was used

How it’s made(YouTube):

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Vertices: 34,375

Faces: 31,338

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

Focal Length: 20.00mm

Render Time: 35 minutes

Filmic Log Encoding was used

All models used have been made by me.

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