Sci-Fi Hallway

This toook me only a few minutes after watching some YouTube videos about eevee render engine. I’m actually quite proud of this one.

Sci-Fi Entity

After watching a few videos on YouTube, the world of Sci-Fi renders using Eevee has got me into making these kind of sci-fi renders now.

[Blend] PokeStop Pokemon GO

This is me trying to morph my Blender objects with an actual image. As you can see very clearly, this was a failed attempt. Regardless, I shall find a way to make it so that my objects look like the blend well with the images.

[Architecture] The glass house

I lost the reference image but credits to the guy who actually made the real one.

I had needed to improve my skills in architecture in Blender so I went online and picked one of the many complex architecture. I started off simple. As time passes, I will slowly try to remake more and more complex structures, and finally come up with my own.

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